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VIVACO groupe coopératif is proud to contribute nearly $125,000 annually in the form of sponsorship and donations to nearly 300 regional organizations/events in the agri-food sector and for youth causes.

VIVACO groupe coopératif participates financially in many organized activities across its territory. Our name is associated with many events and this increased presence in agricultural events, youth activities, in various business networks throughout the region and by our presence on various boards of direction, make VIVACO groupe coopératif an important actor in the region. VIVACO groupe coopératif strongly encourages its employees to get involved in the community.

Request a donation or sponsorship

In order to structure the analysis process of requests received, a contribution request form must be completed by all organizations seeking participation from VIVACO groupe coopératif.

Our current policy explains the general process of sponsorship requests as well as the criteria for request acceptance.

PDF of the policy