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If you have a project in mind, we provide estimation services. In each of our locations, you can meet with competent and passionate people who will give you’re the tools to succeed the project you are about to undertake. Our advisors for contractors and major projects are here to estimate the total cost of your project.

Something that makes us stand out is the fact that our services are complimentary. At VIVACO, we help you make your projects a reality from A to Z. Our estimators will assist you each step of the way. With them, you will not only have a meeting, but will also receive:

  • A fair estimate of your plans as well as price lists and follow-up
  • Good information concerning various government renovation and construction programs that may apply to your project
  • Access all products and services offered by VIVACO according to your needs

Advice, as necessary, concerning materials selection

To speak with one of our advisors, dial 1-844-484-8226 and select the location nearest you. You may also reach us by email:

We welcome contractors and DIY builders - we have an attractive program for you!