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VIVACO groupe coopératif can supply products and services to nourish various animal production (dairy, cattle, sheep, pork, goats, poultry, horses and other specialized breeds)

Our services:

  • Manufacture of personalized feed
  • Manufacture of compressed (cube) and textured feed
  • Manufacture of medicated feed
  • Feed analysis
  • Feed orders
  • Delivery in bags or bulk

To place a feed order:

On-site: 5, av. Pie X, Victoriaville, Quebec G6P 7W7
By telephone: 819-758-4770 ext. 605, 606 and 621 By Fax: 819-758-1673
Online ordering is available. To sign up, please contact:

Ruminants & Specialized Breeds

Our team of sales reps is here to guide you. Experience and specialized, we want to put our expertise to work to contribute to the success of your business both in terms of economic performance and technical results. We will help you reach the production levels you are hoping for, and we can make a difference! Doing business with us means working together for the financial success and sustainability of your operations!

Our services:

  • Monitoring by robotic milking specialists
  • Economic performance tools (Lactascan)
  • Monitoring of specialized breed production with agronomists and technicians
  • Feed program development
  • Fodder analysis
  • Monitoring of replacement subjects
  • Feed, supplements, minerals & additives
  • Managing regional exhibits

Pork Production

In the goal of great efficiency and risk reduction, since March 1, 2017, VIVACO groupe coopératif, has regrouped all pork production under the banner of a co-venture named Regroupement porcin des Deux Rives, including 7 other partners: La Coop Covilac, La Coop Comax, La Coop Profid’Or, La Coop Montérégienne, La Coop Parisville and Olymel. Our members now receive their technical support for this team and our farm properties have become shareholders in this consortium.

RP2R is

  • A team of 18 people made up of managers, representatives, veterinarians and administrative employees
  • 21 farm employees
  • More than $80M in sales revenue generated by the team
  • 305,000 pigs admitted into the herd
  • 170,000 pigs produced by clients
  • 135,000 metric tons of feed overall
  • 45,000 metric tons of feed manufactured at the farm

Our services:

  • Herd monitoring by agronomists and technicians
  • Technical-economic support
  • Feed program development
  • Complete digital monitoring of the herd at competitive rates
  • Feeder calibration and development of feed recipes
  • Veterinarian follow-up
  • Manufacture of feed, supplements and minerals
  • Mill is HACCP certified
  • Animal brokering
  • Sale of piglets, sows, boars and seed
  • Raising animals for hire

Poultry Production

VIVACO groupe coopératif has joined a major cooperative consortium because we want the vest for our producers. The team of experiences poultry representatives knows how to respond to your needs and will offer the best advice to help you achieve your goals while offering new challenges.

Our services:

  • Flock monitoring by agronomists and technicians
  • Technical-economic support
  • Feed program development
  • Manufacture of feed, supplements and minerals
  • Sale of chicks
  • Specialized technical monitoring for commercial chickens and laying hens
  • Digital monitoring of flock for chickens, turkeys and laying hens
  • Recording of various productions
  • Poultry quota rental

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